KV Manohar
Integrated MS Student
Mathematics and Computing
IIT Kharagpur

The eye can never arrive at a perfect knowledge of the interval between two objects by means of the linear perspective alone, if not assisted by the perspective of colors. Let the colors vanish in proportion as the objects diminish in size, according to the distance.. — Leonardo da Vinci

I am a fourth year undergraduate student in the Department of Mathematics enrolled in it’s integrated course of Mathematics and Computing at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I am particularly interested in Computer Vision, Depth Estimation, Autonomous Navigation and Robotics.

I maintain this blog as a medium of expressing myself on my adventures as a learner. I am still a learner myself and I found writing stuff as the best way to understand. The posts typically would be related to Computer Vision and Robotics, the fields that I’m most excited about.

In the summers of 2017, I was part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) under OpenCV organization where I worked on building highly compact models for object detection. My work has been successfully integrated into core OpenCV library!

In the summers of 2018, I was a Research Intern at Preferred Networks Inc., Japan working on Instance Segmentation. I was fortunate enough to work under the amazing mentorship of Yusuke Niitani. This work was published as part of POCV workshop held at ECCV-2018. The 3 month experience was a life time experience in Tokyo.

Currently I am connecting the dots by exploiting depth information in solving computer vision problems for Robotic navigation which I’m most excited about.