Research Papers

I sit down over my desk in the morning with coffee in my hand and interesting arxiv paper on SLAM, Vision etc and as I skim through the paper at first glance I realize “Oh wait! I remember coming across something related to this task and maybe maybe by linking these two I could come up with something new which makes the pipeline more robust. But what was that paper. Oh damn! I don’t remember”.

To avoid such circumstances, I came up this idea of documenting the papers that I read and making a brief summary of each paper. I intend to update this page at the end of every month.

  • Neural 3D Mesh Renderer [summary]
  • Learning to Navigate in Complex Environments [summary]
  • Learning to Navigate in cities without a map [summary]
  • Estimating Depth from RGB and sparse sensing [summary]
  • Learning to Navigate in cities without a map [summary]
  • Global Pose Estimation with Attention-based Recurrent Network [summary]
  • Boundary-aware box refinement for object proposal generation [summary]
  • Active Neural Localization [summary]
  • Active Object Localization with Deep Reinforcement Learning [summary]