This is a list of summaries of papers related to Robotics/CV that I intend to write every week. Most of the papers are related to state estimation for autonomous robot navigation or the ones that aid state estimation, the field that I most excited about.

These notes are created for my own understanding and there could be typos, so take them with a pinch of salt in both correctness and conclusions that I draw from them.


# Date Title Description Resources
01 07/01 Attitude Estimation. Discusses estimation of attitude using three different parameterizations (euler, DCM, quaternions). Also discussed is their covariance propagation. notes, code
02 15/01 On-Manifold Preintegration Theory for Fast and Accurate Visual-Inertial Navigation. Discusses an approach for closely-coupled visual inertial navigation. notes
03 22/01 Visual-Inertial-Aided Navigation for High-Dynamic Motion in Built Environments Without Initial Conditions. Discusses the work that introduced the concept of preintegration of inertial measurements which was an inspiration for the work summarized in 02. notes